Aerial panoramas

We would like to introduce our new product aimed at an interactive 360 degree panoramas captured from the air. Beautiful panoramic images captured effectively the space in 360 degrees in the vertical and horizontal axis and allows the very rapid and transparent transfer of information.

It is possible to insert any references, links to other panoramas or web pages, maps, photos, whole galleries, video or audio to the interactive panoramas and accurately locate those in the panorama. Thus “filled” panoramas may also serve as a substitute for a website or a fancy accessory of it. Output panoramas can be operated on the website scrooling in all directions using a computer mouse, also zoom (zoom in and out), and click through.

Aerial spherical panoramas are a good marketing tool, especially for the development projects and real estate agencies. They are used in the presentation of land or real estate, for promotion of the hotels, pensions as well as the presentation of cities, villages and whole regions, historical monuments, interesting natural formations, etc.

Of course we offer also the aerial photographs and aerial video, which are the standard of the qulity presentations nowadays (these shoot can be tooken together with the aerial panoramas in one shootin day).