We try to follow the latest trends, keep up with the present times and constantly move forward and that is why we are the first who bring the 360 degrees interactive video to the Slovak video marketing. It is a truly unique and complex form of presentation that is very popular abroad and there comes a tremendous progress in Slovakia because of the emerging technologies in the near future. Let us introduce this medium to you as well:

BEACTIVE European week of sport 2016 | 360˚ VIDEO

Pohoda 2016 | 360˚ VIDEO



High Tatras | 360˚of Skiing

Long-awaited promotion with 360 degree view is actual today on Youtube. This new product is intended primarily for the increasingly-popular VR headsets. The fun, however, you will undoubtedly enjoy with the mobile app that uses a sensor to assist a smartphone and can very accurately determine at what angle you are holding your mobile device based on which then adjusts the image view.

How it works?

360˚360˚ video is captured simultaneously at 6 cameras with ultra wide-angle of shot that provide the shooting of the reality in 360 degrees in the vertical and horizontal axis, so you do really miss nothing. The individual views are related to the unit in post production programs in which the viewer can interactively move only with the help of a mouse and web browser (when viewing a video on a mobile / tablet or virtual glasses the rotation is automatic). Such video may content the various information or hyperlinks (for your homepage, classic video, price list, etc.)

Such shooting also enables a completely new way of handling a video material – can create a moving / live panoramas, “asteroids” that can be composed into a standard video or we can create an interactive short film in which you alone can decide what you are interested in at any given time. However, we do not offer a static image such Google Street View, but we are working with a live composition (50 fps), where everything is in motion. This service is offered in 4K resolution (4 times greater than the full HD).



GRAPE FESTIVAL 2014 | 360˚video

What are the positives?

This medium is suitable for a presentation of representative spaces, documentation of concerts, festivals, events and simply wherever it is something happening. It is a unique form of presentation of a hotel, water park, festivals, concerts, events and activities of the company or the atmosphere in an interesting environment. Particularly eye-catching are the sporting events or more creative projects such as interactive video, etc. … As the saying goes: It’s all about your views … In this case it is about unlimited views.


In one of our first references “Staroslovenská Vatra” you can choose for yourself if you are more interested in environments, ignition of fires in all directions or dancers. In the end, the participants form a ritual circle modeled according our ancestors, which suits the best for this medium.