Why 4K?

Hardly anybody has a 4K TV / monitor at home and therefore it is a place for the question whether such video has a meaning or application … The answer is: definitely yes ! The main advantage is not so much the final output but the advanced post-production possibilities and the actual outcome and to view at a lower resolution, too. 4K image has about 4 times higher resolution of the current Full HD (3840 × 2160 vs. 1920 × 1080), which undoubtedly brings several new significant advantages:


1. The great advantage is that when you convert video of 4K to the lower FullHD the final picture becomes much more detailed and sharper !!!

When shooting FullHD video the entire surface of the camera’s sensor is shooted. To prosecute the camera to capture images with a resolution big as for example 16Mpx and record it in the video uses skipping lines. The results of it is that in the final video there are missing details from the original image and also it implies a number of problems to the video (rolling shutter, moiré, etc.)

In contrast the 4K video does not shoot the whole area of the sensor, but only the cut  3840 × 2160 pixels. The resulting video is then recorded compared to the scanned image  in a 1: 1 ratio with a codec with a high bit rate (100Mb / s). This preserves the original details in the picture and all the mentioned weaknesses are partially suppressed.


2. 4-times higher resolution lets you make cuts, zoom and other corrections and additional compositions without losing quality !!!

For example, we shoot “half-detail” and “detail” at the same time on a single camera or zoom the distant objects without using the digital zoom, which will degrade the image.


3. Finally, it is the image stabilization

When shooting the action images by using the flycam, sometimes it is necessarily to make an additional stabilization in post production programs, usually at the expense of video quality, because the software make a crop that is stable and the other pixels are leaving out of view. Simply put: to be result of Full HD, 4K offers the generous space for stabilization of vibrating videos shoted even from a hand. Which again expands the possibilities for creative work of cameraman and contributes to impressive results.


For these and many other reasons we use very often easy and compact Panasonic Lumix GH4, in our work, which apart from the possibility to shoot video at 4K resolution 100Mbit / s, can record 96p frames per second, which allows us to create the very impressive slow-motion shots.